Welcome to Palace Casino

133 Calea Victoriei, Bucharest, Romania OPEN 24/7 +40217963880


If you have been looking for a casino experience to remember, then there is no doubt that Palace Casino is the perfect place for you to go.

Located in the heart of the Romanian capital- Bucharest, within the historical monument “Casa Vernescu”, Palace Casino attracts the cognoscenti who appreciate consummate quality, exceptional service and a luxury ambiance.

Palace Casino concentrates on providing a fantastic experience for those who like the finer things in life, and would like to enjoy all of the games in a high quality, luxurious and welcoming environment. The ambiance is enticing, with many different people creating what has become a hugely successful casino.

Not only are you able to get involved in a number of different casino games, including Roulette, Blackjack and Poker, but you are also able to take some time out in our restaurant and bar lounge, meaning that you will be able to relax and soak up your surroundings. The facilities that we have on offer ensure that you will have a visit that you will truly remember.


The whole feel of the casino screams quality, and all of the staff work hard to make sure that you have everything that you need in order to shape the perfect experience for you. Every single guest is made to feel like the whole casino has been built just for them, and your experience will be tailored just for you, no matter what your needs might be. If you find that you need something that we don’t provide, please ask, as we will do everything that we possibly can in order to accommodate you.

When you consider the amount of planning and dedication that went into creating this casino just for you, you will start to understand just how committed the owners are to ensuring that every single visitor is made to feel special. The service you will receive will be second to none, and what we can provide for you goes far beyond the gaming that you will enjoy while here.

Thanks to the fact that Palace Casino is in such a sought after location in Bucharest, it is easy to get to via many different modes of transport, meaning that no matter when you wish to visit, you will be able to.


If you want to relax and enjoy a meal while at our casino, then we can promise you a dining experience that you will remember long after you leave.

With a number of different cuisines represented, we offer our guests a luxurious private dining area where they can enjoy both the food and the company in equal measure. All food is prepared freshly on the premises by highly trained chefs, meaning that you can be certain that your meal will always be top quality.

Exquisite Lounge Area and Bar

If you find that you would like a break from the exciting casino games that are available, then simply head over to our bar area to unwind. The lounge area is comfortable and stylish, and the bar boasts a wide range of refreshments, including wines and spirits – so no matter what you enjoy, your tastes will be covered.

Private Car Service

If you need a courtesy car while using our facilities, we will be able to arrange this for you between the hours of 10pm to 6am. Simply get in touch with our staff at the reception desk, and they will talk to you about how you can arrange this.


If you decide to visit us in your own vehicle, you will be able to park for free here.

Commission Free Cashier Services

Although all games must be played in either Euros or Lei, you will be able to exchange other currencies on site. You will not be charged commission, and current rates will be applied when you exchange. The rate will be taken directly from the National Bank of Romania.

If you need to get more cash while on site, there is an ATM, meaning that you can access funds. The casino will also accept the majority of credit and debit cards, so there are lots of options to allow you to continue playing.

Our Facilities

No matter what kind of experience you’re looking for when you visit us, you can be sure that you will find something to suit you, thanks to the numerous facilities that we have available.